Community Marketing Services

Customized Marketing Solutions for Clients in a Wide Variety of Industries.

 We Work With…

  • Start-ups looking to build a network that attracts customers and investors.
  • Smaller to medium-size businesses looking to build their community, expand their avenues for getting the word out about their offerings and often needing assistance in content development and maintenance.
  • Professionals wanting to expand their personal brand and an individualized social network.
  • Entrepreneurs who can utilize our services for upgrading their communications network and for maintenance, freeing up their time to take care of business.

How we do it

 We estimate the job and either give you a project cost upfront or an hourly rate subject to a cap, so you can factor our services into your budget. When the framework is in place, you may decide to let us take care of the details while you focus on your work.

Local, national or global…we offer a variety of community marketing services customized to the individual client. 

For example:

Custom strategies, plans & executions based on your business needs

Creation of social networking sites, local, national and global

Links and relationships with community, retail and targeted niche sites

Social media leads generation

eNewsletters, articles & email broadcasts

Email marketing, list building and email service options

Feel free to contact us with any questions or a no-cost consultation.